COSCOIN is a leading AI quantitative trading platform

COSCOIN focuses on artificial intelligence quantification and blockchain transaction services. We focus on delivering innovative solutions to clients globally, leveraging our team’s expertise in artificial intelligence, blockchain, finance and technology.

About coscoin

COSCOIN is a technology company based in Washington, USA, we founded COSCOIN in 2015 because we knew the world was ready for the revolution of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Quantitative Trend

COSCOIN artificial intelligence quantitative trading platform is a world-leading AI quantitative trading platform, Prop Desk management and trading market development company, committed to providing one-stop solutions for the virtual digital asset ecosystem. Its PTX Algo transaction AI quantification is low-latency software based on artificial intelligence, and it is connected to many mainstream encryption exchanges, including Binance, FTX, KuCoin, Huobi Global, Coinbase, Bitmart, Wazirx, Kraken CoinDCX, etc., and has further expansion potential. The AI quantitative trading has built-in algorithms, high-frequency trading, arbitrage and AI quantitative trading strategies, and can be customized according to user needs.

COSCOIN Powerful Team

COSCOIN artificial intelligence development prospects COSCOIN is a dynamic Al technology team with strong growth and development potential. Our vision is to provide standardized, personalized, customized and value-added services. We are committed to providing a safe, user-friendly, reliable and efficient digital currency quantitative trading platform for global users.
The core investment analysis team of the COSCOIN quantitative trading platform is composed of senior analysts and financial analysts from the National Key Financial Laboratory of Digital Currency in the United States. Senior financial circles in the United States successfully predicted the 2020 US financial crisis, and published several famous articles on the analysis and forecasting of global financial markets in economics journals.

Quantitative Advantage

Absolute Security Mechanism

COSCOIN intelligent quantification system calculates open positions very accurately. Automatically trades on your account and works 24*365. We established AI quantitative trading in 2016. It makes every effort to steadily increase monthly profits

Quantitative Trading Achievements

COSCOIN provides a large amount of transaction data for intelligent AI learning. After millions of drills and exercises. Disciplined decision-making and execution skills are in place. After going online, there is no significant record of failure and loss.

strict policy parameters

Based on the results of quantitative AI intelligent operation decision-making. Quantitative trading intelligent system automatically selects growth compared with this stage. Valuation. Funds. Comprehensive assessment of favorable trading opportunities. Then make precise action strategies. Most of the “strangling” can be avoided Brain” decisions.

Automatic Arbitrage Ideas

The quantitative system scans opportunities comprehensively. Fully automated one-click operation. Quickly locks the profit difference between token products. Buy at low prices and sell at high prices to formulate strategies and make profits

sustainable development

Digital currency trading will be a long-standing market. COSCOIN quantitative intelligence system will continue to optimize performance. The latest digital algorithm. Provide you with more wealth promotion

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